Or-Chadas (New Light) Foundation


In the memory of Ferenc Stuhl, the OR CHADAS (New Light) Foundation aims to fulfill the Orthodox Jewish faith life in Hungary. To this end, organizing religious life, arranging commemorations, teaching and cultural activities, and assisting people living in difficult financial circumstances. Supporting the establishment, operation and reconstruction of Orthodox synagogues, old-age homes, educational institutions. Cooperation with domestic and international organizations with similar values.

The Or Chadas Foundation was established after the change of regime and was first registered in 1994, and was recognized as a public benefit organization in 2001. The foundation has been successful for a long time, a large number of cultural and educational programs have been organized, and large-scale synagogue renovations and educational spaces are linked to the name. Unfortunately, however, by 2010 the health of the then president of the board of trustees has deteriorated, in addition, some of the curators have left the country. The founder, in 2013, decided to reorganize the foundation, appoint new curators, and again provide a source for resumption. Even in the same year, areas that have not been covered by other organizations involved in similar activities have been explored, so the Foundation can provide genuine help and value again. In 2014, funding for the programs and planned projects started to be on the basis of this. In the coming years, again a number of successful series of lectures and family programs have been organized, and for the future additional programs are in the pipeline.


In memory of Ferenc Stuhl, Or-Chadas (New Light) Foundation

Or-Chadas Foundation
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